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PDF downloads
Want to know how much equipment will fit into your space? Want to know how much that the equipment will cost? Want to have an idea of what size fitness center you need for your facility? For $20.00 you can download a file that will give you what you are looking for. Browse our library of completed facility layouts, pick one that most resembles your facility and for a small fee you will have all you need to get started with your fitness center.
Are you a builder or architect? Need to import templates for a facility design you are working on. Download the layout that you are interested in and let us know and for an additional $20.00 we will be happy to send you the corresponding CAD file so you can import the icons directly into your drawing.
Facility Design Consultation
Need someone to assist you in laying out your fitness center, need to know what product mix to have in your fitness center, need an idea of what type of flooring, entertainment systems to use, why not hire us. For a small fee of $50.00* per hour Premier Fitness Designs can assist you with as much or as little of the design work as you are interested in. We can give you advice on what pieces and types of equipment will best fit your needs, how much equipment will fit into your facility. When we are done working with you you will know exactly what you need and be able to go out and get bids for the equipment desired.
*average time to just layout the equipment in your fitness center with CAD file provided by customer is 2 hours!
3D Designs
Need a life like design for a promotional poster, for your monthly newsletter, or for your sales center or brochure? Send us a CAD file of your facility layout and for $75.00 per hour you can have a 3D* design of your proposed fitness center.
*average time to complete is 3-4 hours!

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