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Premier Fitness Designs - Who we are?
Premier Fitness Designs is your resource for fitness center layouts, equipment budgets and facility size requirements. We have been designing fitness centers for over 15 years and wanted to make our design library available to you. We are experts in fitness center design; we can take your ideas and create a fitness center design or provide you with an already created design based on the facility you are working on. This design will give you an idea of the equipment mix that can be installed into the space as well as an estimated cost of the equipment itself.
Why use Premier Fitness Designs? The answer is simple- if you are in the market to do a fitness center and just need budget figures and a design to match we have several designs available to you in each of the markets that we have been involved in during our 15 years.
If you not ready to buy but need to know the costs, for a small fee we can work with you and your space to design a fitness center that will meet the needs of the end user. We can also give you suggestions on equipment types and brands so you can effectively go out prepared to select your specific equipment vendor.
Let us know how we can help!

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